George Mason University                                                              Fairfax, Virginia                                                                                   PhD Economics                                                        2015 - Present

  • Fields: Public Choice, Monetary Economics, Constitutional Economics; secondary fields: Industrial Organization, Non-Market Decision Making, Law and Economics
  • Dissertation (In Progress): “Financial Competition and Regulation in the 21st Century” 
  • Dissertation Committee: Lawerence H. White (chair)
Photo by ooyoo/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ooyoo/iStock / Getty Images


London School of Economics and Political Science                    London, England                                                                                 MSc Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies)                     2012 - 2013

  • Dissertation: “Terror in Turmoil: Leadership and Strategic Change in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”
  • Focuses: Comparative Conflict Analysis, History and Politics of the Modern Middle East, Islam in International Relations, Terrorism and the Rule of Law
  • Graduated with Merit
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Photo by baona/iStock / Getty Images


University of Georgia

AB in Economics - cum laude, 2012

Coursework - Economics of Organization and Management, Monetary Economics, History of the Great Depression

Dissertation - "The Way We Fell: A Three-Tiered Analysis of Moral Hazard in the Housing Boom and Bust" 

2008 - 2012

ABJ Mass Media Arts cum laude, 2012

Coursework - Advanced Production, Advanced Post-Production, Writing for Electronic Media, Directed Study in Pre-Production Planning.

Minor, Film Studies - cum laude, 2012

Photo by peshkov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by peshkov/iStock / Getty Images